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I want to help people realise their dreams.

While attending a conference in Berlin this quote was hanging in the room I was staying.

Walking past daily I didn't really ponder it much, but it did catch my eye.

On the last day of the conference Stephen Attenborough gave the keynote speech about Virgin Galactic and how Sir Richard Branson's vision for commercial space travel was in its final testing phase.

His dream to get people into space, experience zero gravity and see our planet from beyond the stratosphere. While talking Stephen also played a few videos and 2 of them really stood out for me. 1. About many of the "impossible things that Sir Richard Branson had achieved as an individual and through the Virgin brand 2. Featured the scientist Stephen Hawkins talking about his dream to go into space and the fact that he thought he would never make due to his physical condition from the disease ALS.

It transpires that Richard Branson gave a ticket to Stephen Hawkins to attend one of the first flights into space.

The importance of the videos for me were continuing to dream no matter how successful or old you get. Great things can be achieved if you have dreams. The second point was to never give up on your dreams no matter the circumstances because you never know what the future holds. The final thing was that when we make our "impossible" dreams a reality that they can shape the course of history, have a profound effect on others for realising their dreams also.

Later that evening when I went back to my room and saw the quote again, this time I wondered "when was the last time I believed in the impossible?"

16 years ago after going through a period of feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and pretty unworthy I had just returned from a retreat In Sedona, Arizona. I was asked by Caroline Reynolds the retreat leader "what do you want to do now?"

Feeling Inspired and hungry to make a difference I knew many people were feeling what I had felt before the retreat and didn't know what to do about it or knew what to do but lacked the inspiration!

I said (without much thought) "I want to help people realise their dreams." I knew in that moment if more people felt how I was feeling the world could change for the better!

Because if more people knew that had a purpose they would be Inspired! In pursuing that purpose they we be fulfilled and in making a difference they would know they are worthy of what life has to offer.

Since that day I have continued my endeavour to change the world one breath, connection, conversation, email, workshop, retreat at a time.

In September I will start the Creative Muscle programme. A nine stage programme to awaken people to their purpose and provide the support and focus to make it happen!

As this is a new version of the programme I'm running this one by invite only to you the "Tribe" members or extended members, people you recommend.

For an overview of the programme please check out the link

If you or anyone you may be interested contact me directly for details and discounted price. If you recommend someone please tell them to notify me that you informed them.

Be Well, Be Great, Be Inspired.


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