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Transformation - It's an inside job

"There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside yourself." Miyamoto Musashi

(Thanks Tristan for sharing the quote)

It seems like an age since I last wrote to you all and quite a bit has happened for me and would like to share. However I am in a process of transition/transformation and although I'm experienced and see the signs I have not yet found the words to express what I'm actually going through.

So here is a symbolic representation of what I and others may go through as part of the Transformative process.

Transformation - It's an inside job

A caterpillar in a field was busy munching on a juicy leaf when it noticed a butterfly flying from flower to flower drinking sweet nectar. Eventually the butterfly flies over and drinks from the flower above where the caterpillar is eating the leaf, half thinking out loud and half talking to the butterfly the caterpillar says "You're amazing, I wish I could be like you." The butterfly looks down to where the voice came from and notices the caterpillar and replies "Hey, you want to be like me, but you are like me and this will be revealed to you in time." The caterpillar, actually feeling a little patronised says "oh come off it I'm nothing like you, I can't fly and you're colorful and elegant. I am fat and slow and will never be like you."

The butterfly flutters on to the leaf next to the caterpillar and says "I know we may seem worlds apart because you are looking at everything on the outside and think that defines you, this is not the Truth.

We ARE very much alike and we are at different parts of our journey and that is reflected in our differences. There is so much more to you and this will unfold in time and in that time just listen to your inner voice and it will help you reveal your true nature.

The caterpillar still doubtful says "So I don't have to do anything and I will just magically become like you one day. It's as easy as that?"

"No" says the butterfly, "what I'm saying is simple but not easy, you have to do something and that is listen to your inner voice, this is already guiding you and preparing you for the next phase of your journey. The journey will change you and you will be stripped of everything you believe about yourself today, leaving you exposed and vulnerable and when you emerge you won't recognise yourself and everything will seem like it has changed, but it is you that will have Transformed."

Finally the caterpillar responds, "O.K., whatever" and carries on munching on the leaf and the butterfly flies away to the next flower.

"Most of us are living a life not based on what feeds our true nature, but the life we think our parents and peers think we should live."

Of course caterpillars and butterflies cannot talk (at least not in the way we do) and unlike us they don't let their thoughts and beliefs get in the way of themselves and expressing their true nature.

Sometimes in life there are circumstances that happen which are the catalyst for our Transformation to stop living the life others want for us. A calling to Re-Member our true nature and create the life we deserve and for that to happen we just need to listen to that inner voice.

Up coming events

****The Inner Guru Retreat Oct 16th - 23rd **** Our annual retreat in Thailand continues into it's 11th year

**** On-line Detox With John Gabriel and Nadia Harper May 7th - 20th **** Nadia Harper is running a online detox program - Nadia also provides support for the Inner Guru retreat.

**** Well being Week Facebook event With Earl and Nadia June 21st - 27th **** This is a Free event on facebook raising awareness for your Wellbeing. You will need to connect with us on Facebook to join this event. I will also share a link

to the group once created

More Events and tribal gatherings coming up, so keep a look out.

Be Well, Be Great, Be Inspired

Peac..E Awakening and Inspiring.

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