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Welcome to Creative Muscle. I am an NLP Trainer and transformational coach. Since 2005 I have been working with consultants, entrepreneurs and career professionals, through coaching, programmes, wellbeing retreats and workshops designed to empower individuals and to create a purposeful life and find meaningful work.

My vision is to create a world where people feel the work they are doing has meaning and is purposeful. Where they are inspired to make a difference, leave a legacy and live a fulfilling life.


My mission through Creative Muscle is to provide personal and organisational development and transformation for anyone who feels they are living a less than Inspired Life.


Whether you're a  entrepreneur going it alone, an  intrapreneur working for an organisation, as an individual or a team The Creative Muscle Workshops and Programme support you in finding or re-discovering the work that is connected to your values and purpose. 


If you want the life that you want, you will need to let go of the things that are stopping you from moving forward.  Fears, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, relationships and break out from the cocoon of the "old you." In my Programme find your compelling vision for your life and plan how to bring it into reality, and start thriving.  


Sometimes through the pace of life and juggling so many things you can lose your balance and the impact can be significant. Chronic stress, health, state of mind can affect all areas of your life. Taking a time out on the Creative Muscle Retreat can be what it takes to revitalise and energise you.

Earl Talbot


I've always been fascinated by magic. From an early age I was reading fantasy books, especially ones that involved wizards and dragons, but I thought that magic only existed in stories and put away such childish notions. 

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While travelling I was confronted with the extraordinary lives of others.  People survive overwhelming odds to do the seemingly impossible; creating amazing inventions and artwork just from their thoughts. I rediscovered my passion for magic... Read more.

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"It is not often that, in this life, one comes across another human being who is not only extremely caring about one's life, but also has the training and inherent wisdom to act as a practical guide to one's inner soul. 

It seems that within the space of two short face-to-face sessions and a few phone calls, you had the ability to turn my negativity into something both constructive and positive.  Knowing you has quite literally, changed my life and my life's destiny for the better. 

In contrast to the first telephone conversation I had with you and the subsequent first meeting, I am now able to think and act as though tomorrow is but one day in a long future of tomorrows; the real sense of "future" that I now feel is like having a weight lifted off my shoulders." 

- Alan Kummer



Our signature 6 week Programme, designed to challenge inspired individuals to Live on Purpose!



Details of my latest 1 day Workshops, focusing on developing and enabling you to make the most of yourself and this gift called life. 



Personal Empowerment 1-2-1's are bespoke sessions totally focused on you, for when you require that extra special support.



The Inner Guru: A holistic retreat to reinvigorate your body, relax your mind and get you back to your True Self. 

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