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"It is not often that, in this life, one comes across another human being who is not only extremely caring about one's life but also has the training and inherent wisdom to act as a practical guide to one's inner soul. 

It seems that within the space of two short face-to-face sessions and a few phone calls you had the ability to turn my negativity into something both constructive and positive.  Knowing you has, quite literally, changed my life and my life's destiny for the better. 

In contrast to the first telephone conversation I had with you and the subsequent first meeting, I am now able to think and act as though tomorrow is but one day in a long future of tomorrows; the real sense of "future" that I now feel is like having a weight lifted off my shoulders." 

- Alan Kummer

Earl Talbot


I've always been fascinated by magic. From an early age I was reading fantasy books, especially ones that involved wizards and dragons, but I thought that magic only existed in stories and put away such childish notions. 

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While travelling I was confronted with the extraordinary lives of others.  People survive overwhelming odds to do the seemingly impossible; creating amazing inventions and artwork just from their thoughts. I rediscovered my passion for magic

Upon returning to the UK I was introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP). I learnt that not only was magic real, but it had structure, a formula that could be followed to transform our lives. This knowledge literally changed my life and just as importantly, helped me have a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Transformation is what I am now devoted to inspiring and awakening people to unlimited possibilities for creating the lives they want, from a place of deep purpose and making a difference.  

This transformation process comes from 4 key areas:

Workshops for an inspirational top-up or to help you get back on course

The deeply immersive "Inner Guru" holistic retreat, is focused on connecting to your own deep wisdom and well-being

The Creative Muscle Programme for long-term transformation within a collaborative group of like-minded and hearted people      

1-2-1 Empowerment Sessions when the intense and individual focus is needed to give you a boost where needed

If you are curious to find out more about how any of these processes can help you to make significant changes in your life, please get in touch


"Accepting the invitation to join Creative Muscle was for me one of the single most powerful decisions I have made to invest in myself.

Since joining CM I have found the journey challenging at times as I moved out of my comfort zone and negative thought processes but I have also found that my goals are clearer and i have definitely achieved another level of personal growth. CM has been fantastic for me and would highly recommend CM Programme to anyone that has a sense of frustration in their life and would like help to find purpose, direction and balance. 


I am a consistently more positive, powerful and pro-active person, I procrastinate less and have become more concise, a great way to invest in your greatness."

P Christian FCCA (Certified Accountant) 

Earl is a gifted practitioner who draws on a wealth of personal and professional experience, and a variety of disciplines, to tailor his sessions to the unique requirements of the individual. I found him to be compassionate and wise and able to guide me to find the clarity and answers I had within me to help and empower myself.


Earl's work had both an immediate effect of calming and grounding me, providing insight and clarity that I was able to take in at that moment, and a longer lasting, gradual process of experiencing for myself the concepts we discussed.


His sessions were a catalyst for change and growth that has transformed my life and which continues today.

I thoroughly recommend him.

Nina Millns, Actress

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