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9 nights in a tropical paradise

Oct 8th - 17th 2024



A 9 night Holistic retreat to reinvigorate your body, relax your mind and get back to your True Self

Would You like to;

  • Cleanse and exercise your body optimising your health and vitality?

  • Create inner peace and release negative patterns, unwanted feelings and resolve inner conflicts and breakthrough limiting beliefs?

  • Clear and refocus your mind on what matters most in your life?

  • Look forward to becoming more confident, motivated, energised and overall a Greater You?

There are no guarantees in life and we may not always get what we're striving for, but the process of working towards our successes, whether professional, personal, family or relationships, has its demands on us all. 

Making sure that we have the ability to stay the course and not burn-out emotionally, physically or mentally means that we have to take responsibility for our health and well-being.

The Inner Guru is an holistic retreat to reinvigorate your body, relax your mind and get back to your True Self. Facilitating greater self awareness, optimum health and vitality, re-awakening inner wisdom and exploring your true potential, in a tropical paradise.

Health, Wellbeing and Personal development Workshops;
Here are some of the basic and fundamental things that we
do as part of the retreat to create and maintain our health,
vitality and wellbeing.


  • Daily Yoga - Mental and Physical re-balancing - re-connecting your body and mind as a complete system.


  • Meditation - generating deep relaxation and inner Peace - a natural way for stress management.


  • Fasting - 3.5 days resting your internal organs allowing them to repair and be rejuvenated.


  • Cleansing Detox - cleansing your body of waste, parasites and toxins supporting the re-generation of new healthy cells (more details below).


  • Self development workshops and exercises focusing on making empowering changes in your life.


  • Creating a vision to have a more fulfilling and successful future.


"It is only now that I am back home and I find myself looking back at how I would have previously felt and behaved that I now realise my confidence has doubled and I actually feel myself holding my head up high.

Seeing challenges as exciting opportunities rather than approaching them with trepidation and fear.

And my goals are now on the way to becoming my
reality!! I am still me only a whole lot better."

Ms Phillips.

Nestled on the pristine island of Koh Chang, Thailand, lies a family-owned wellness and detox resort that has been a haven for health-conscious travellers for many years. The resort, founded by a Thai family (Mr.Noi and Mrs.Nuch, formerly a dental doctor), is a testament to their philosophy of living a healthy and more balanced life.

To get to the resort you will need to fly to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) where you will start your pre-arranged transfers to the Island resort.


"I am very happy with the results, I feel more confident with my mission and a stronger feeling that I have the potential in me to do what I want to achieve in life. You have been a great help, to get me that confidence I needed inside." Gabriella 

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The Inner Guru Package 

An easy and effective way to clean your body and mind for Re-Membering who you really are 

Before the retreat:

  • 30 min session for setting your positive intention 

  • Session with natural hygienist to support you heath outcomes 

  • Opportunity to meet the other retreat participants on-line and for Q&A 

  • Guidance for your pre-detox process (things to avoid and recipe for the liver flush drink)


  • Flights are NOT included as part of the package 

  • Transfers from Bangkok airport to the resort are included 

  • Transfers from the resort to Bangkok airport when the retreat is over are included

  • Travel excursions or day trips are not included as part of the retreat unless specified 


The Retreat 

The retreat is for 9 nights and includes accommodation, detox (inc supplements, drinks etc), daily yoga, personal development workshops, work book.


The Detox  

The 3.5-day fasting (no chewing) detox program is an introductory for those who are detoxing for the first time. There is an option for a 7.5 day detox for detox veterans.  (You'll start before you attend the retreat by doing a pre-cleanse alkaline diet.)

  • Detox program introduction

  • Instruction on setting up colon cleanse session

  • Daily intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition (20 caps per day) 

  • Daily 3 specially-prepared detox drinks 

  • Daily 1 flora grow pro-biotic capsule  

  • Daily 1 colon cleansing using our “colema board” enema system (self-administration) 

  • Daily: liver flush drink, 2 veggie broth soups, 1 carrot juice & 1 coconut water 

  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel

  • A special replacement lactobacteria implant enema to break the fast 

  • 2 flora grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks to assist in breaking the fast 

  • Some natural herbal laxative tea (only take if needed 2nd Day after the fast) 

  • Alkaline water for increasing body pH before and during the fast 

  • Electrolyte water for electrolyte replacement

Post retreat 

Follow up 1-2-1 session to help your integration process

Book Your Spot

Please complete the booking form by clicking on the button below. All information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence. 

Your booking is only secured upon payment of the stated deposit.

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