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“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”




There usually comes a time in life when you come to the realisation that there is a new plateau to reach or a calling to answer. When all the excuses have diminished, you may recognise that you are the only person holding you back.  

My training in NLP taught me that "We have all the resources we need..." and sometimes it requires chipping away at the fears, limiting beliefs and doubts that are hiding your true self.

Personal Empowerment 1-2-1's are bespoke sessions totally focused on you for when you require that extra special support.

It's not just about helping you build your business, achieve your professional and life goals, it's also about creating a space for your personal development, and transformation and opening up new possibilities for you to fulfil your potential. 

​"Because of him I was able to notice parts of myself holding me back." 

Andrey- Entrepreneur 

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled?

  • Do you feel life has more to offer, or do you have more living to do?

  • Do you have a calling to do something else, but are stuck or fearful to take the next step?

  • Are you are struggling to get clarity for your vision for your future?

  • Do you have a vision, but lack the plans, goals and milestones to make it happen?

  • Do you notice self-sabotage happening or conflicts with your values or beliefs?

  • Are you coasting and looking to re-ignite your passion whilst seeking new ways to be inspired and motivated? 

  • Have you experienced a major change in your life (job loss, break-up, career change) and are struggling to make the transition?


Personal empowerment 1-2-1 sessions could be just what you need to 10x your potential!

Please note that in these sessions we may explore personal issues in terms of increasing self-awareness, but they are not counselling or therapy (although may feel therapeutic at times). 

Sessions are  60  minutes and recorded for you review (when on Zoom)   

“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards, they try to have more things or more money in order to do more of what they want so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are then do what you need to do in order to have what you want. ”


Margaret Young


"I am grateful to you all for the support, help and assistance that you have provided me, without which I would have struggled to realise my dream of forming my own company."

A Stephenson

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