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A transformative experience in Re-membering your essential inspirational self.  

The Sacred Sweat lodge-  23rd July 2023

Calling Warriors & Dreamers to take part in a Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony on site at the amazing Breathing Space Centre in Norfolk.


Many native cultures over millennia have used the Sweat Lodge as a place of prayer and purification, a place in which they could be closer to spirit. It is also a test of courage, determination and will-power. It tests weaknesses and highlights strengths to support us on our journeys and can build bonds with those we share it with.


This process is a calling not to be taken lightly. It will see the awakening of strengths, questions and directions that may not have been clear beforehand. It will be a time of testing and of connection to 'all that is' and more importantly a safe space in which to release fears, limitations and doubts. If you are feeling the calling then book your place now in order to guarantee your seat in the Lodge.

There are limited places available due to the size of the lodge and although optional, it would be wiser for those interested to stay overnight at the Centre so as the learnings and teachings can be shared and savoured without the need to rush away.


  • Sweat Lodge ceremony (including a shared organic stew afterwards) = £130

This invitation is open until June 19th and will be closed once we have the required number of people.r.



With the global events of the past 2-3 years and especially those linked to the pandemic and lockdowns we have been changed! Many of us have been isolated, made smaller, more introverted and in some cases more fearful and less certain of what the future holds for us.

That's a lot of baggage to carry and if we're lucky we know what's weighing us down, but even when we do, it doesn’t mean we know how to change it. Usually, that's because we are holding on at a subconscious level and we need an intervention to help us release the things that no longer serve us.  


This is a perfect time to prepare ourselves in a supported and safe space. To clear out some of the toxic thoughts, feelings and blockages that have built up in and around us so that we are stronger, clearer, more courageous. 

Are you: 


  • Overwhelmed and exhausted by your current pace of life? 

  • Battling with your emotions and conflicted values? 

  • Stuck in relationships or a job that you know you need to change but just can’t find a way?


Then this ceremony is for you to;


  • Create the space to slow down, exhale the stress and get back to your own natural pace. 

  • Make peace with yourself and learn to stop judging yourself.


  • Explore at a deeper level what is holding you back in a safe space and use the purification process of the Sweat Lodge to unlock your subconscious wisdom to release the things in your life that no longer serve you. 



If you would like to stay over night there are a few types of accommodation to choose from in the picturesque main house 

Super King En-Suite
Price upon request

Twin Room Shared bathroom

prices from £60 per person

Single Room shared bathroom 

Price upon request

On the Day 

Take this time to step away from the noise of technology and open up to your innate Wisdom.


Fresh Organic Food

All meals are freshly prepared on site daily. The food is locally sourced and the ingredients are organic produce.

You will be fasting on the day of the but will enjoy a homemade delicious stew after the Ceremony. If you stay overnight your room price will include breakfast. 


Sweat Lodge

A sweat lodge is a traditional ceremony practised by many Indigenous cultures around the world. The purpose of a sweat lodge can vary depending on the specific culture and context; generally, it is considered to be a form of spiritual and physical purification.

Some potential benefits of the Sweat Lodge include:

  • Physical detoxification: The heat and sweating involved in a sweat lodge ceremony can help to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.

  • Relaxation and stress reduction: The intense heat and spiritual focus of a sweat lodge ceremony can help participants to relax and reduce stress.

  • Increased spiritual awareness: Many people report feeling a stronger sense of connection to the spiritual realm and to the natural world after participating in a sweat lodge ceremony.

Meet The Team

Profile 2.jpg

Earl Talbot

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Modern-day magic is creating the lifestyle, abundance and freedom you want in your life, in spite of the challenges of everyday pressures, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Earl has long experience in the corporate world as a Sales Professional in the Technology Sector and as a Management Consultant. He co-facilitated his first Vision Quest retreat in Sedona, Arizona, in 2002 and has been coaching and mentoring people ever since, focusing on personal development and resilience.

As a Certified Trainer of NLP, Earl combines his keen interest in ancient wisdom from indigenous cultures and new technologies (NLP) to facilitate transformational experiences. 

Resized Profile Pic.jpg

Chris Colgan

Chris is a Reiki Master, expert space clearer and energy worker who has spent most of his working life managing large teams of support staff through change, growth and transformation.


He took 8 years out of the corporate world to work with developing people and places directly, including running life-changing 'Releasing the Warrior',  vision quest trips to Sedona in the Arizona desert.


Chris is passionate about developing people and helping them uncover who they really are and removing obstacles that are keeping them from being the best version of themselves.

Breathing Space Norfolk

Heath Priory

Staithe Road

Hickling Broad


NR12 0YJ


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