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To change the world is not your business

If you are like me you may find from time to time you can overwhelmed bombarded with the crazy things happening in the world and negative stories and images in the mass and social media.

Sometimes feeling helpless to change things or hopeless about the circumstances we find ourselves or see what others are going through. That's mainly because we are distracted, but from what?

"To change the world is not your business. To change yourself is not you duty. To awaken to your true self is your opportunity."


One thing I learned a while ago is the person who cannot take care of them self is not in a position to take care of anyone else.

Conversely when Empowered (through strength, vulnerability, etc) that we tend to make the most positive impact in others. Not because it is our duty but because we naturally effect things in our environment and give unspoken permission for others to be Empowered also.

The most effective way I have seen to do this is focus on the things we can actually take responsibility for. whether that be in relationships, work, health and welling being. When we invested our time doing this we have little time to spend being distracted.

The other word I like to use for Empowered in Integrity, meaning we are uncompromised acting wholly in our power "Independently". When we are being in this way while respecting and appreciating others that are doing the same we create a culture of "Interdependence", and from this place we have no choice but to have a positive impact in the world, changing the old stories and patterns to a reality we have consciously chosen.

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