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"The electric light did not come from from the continuous improvement of candles."

"The electric light did not come from from the continuous improvement of candles."

Oren Haran

Something that used to puzzle me was when I started reading various "self improvement" books was how does someone illuminate their thinking beyond the current level of thinking. Break the old pattern, have a "paradigm shift" or a my brother aptly said in a recent conversation "move out of your lane."

What I've learned is there is no one reason to why this shift may happen and any number things can challenge or invite us to look at things differently. To lift our gaze beyond our current circumstances to infinite possibilities, so to speak.

One thing seems consistent, there is some kind of intervention, something that alerts us that a change or transformation is needed.

Generally what I see is the intervention generally falls within 2 classifications (these aren't exactly dictionary definitions)

Inspirations- An inner calling to Transform oneself or the life you are living. (Usually triggered by feeling unfulfilled)

Aspirations - A call to action to solve a specific problem, betterment of things or environment. (Usually triggered by something external) To be honest it doesn't matter what triggers it, the question is are you aware of such a calling? And what to do about it?

"Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them." Albert Einstein

Either way the "calling" is an invitation for revolution or transformation for self or something else. At a fundamental level it's our thinking that requires to change first, to create a new mind set. Because seeing our own deeply embedded patterns is near impossible.

If you're lucky enough to have an insightful friend, formal or informal mentor, or use the services of a coach then these patterns maybe reflected back to you in useful and compassionate ways.

However all is not lost and there are simple things that can support shift. The first thing is to create space, take a step back, breath take in the bigger picture. This process can take time for a new vision or perspective to emerge (days, weeks, months). Pressure on yourself isn't useful here, time and patience is required.

Here are some tips that you can help to make a shift

Mind-space; taking time to relax, meditate, journal (writing down your thoughts), reading inspirational books. avoiding stressful situations. De-clutter - Our physical space has an effect on our psyche and a good clear out can do wonders on your thinking and feeling inspired Changing spaces - Different environments will bring out different qualities in us and help us to view things in different ways. Having a meeting on the beach would feel very different to a bland neon lit windowless room. However whether it is the light bulb or the naked flame it's important to Re-Member the desire to Illuminate or world comes from within us, Once we connect to this desire, the "Why)" we can figure out the "How."

Be Well, Be Great, Be Inspired


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