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Expect the unexpected?

Zion Shaver - The Wrestler without legs

"When you accept yourself wholly there comes a time that your weaknesses can become your strengths."

Do you know your punchline? While sharing with my coach in a session she was reminded of a TedTalk she had seen with a comedian Michael Junior who talked about knowing your punchline. She sent me the clip and I was blown away by this video and it’s message which I am going to share the video with you and so will keep this message short. If you are a regular follower of Wise Words or have attended one of my retreats or workshops you’ll probably know that I am passionate about “living on purpose” and in this TED talk Michael gives an amazing metaphor how we can discover and deliver on purpose (by knowing our punchline). He also highlights that by embracing those parts of us that we perceive as our weakness that may make if difficult for us to get on in life, that one day they can become our ‘superpower’. Here is the video and I hope you enjoy. Also I am always interested in insights people get from the content shared so happy to hear from you if you realise what your punchline is.

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