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Wise Words - This too shall pass.

"We may know where the journey begins but we don't know when or where it will end..."

The Covid lock down has set humanity on a new chapter of living and socialisation which no one knows where it will end. While some of us are adapting to this "new normal" life style many are struggling with not knowing if we'll have a job, when we can meet and hug family members or if we'll see (vulnerable) loved ones again.

These are challenging times and one of the most important lessons we can learn in our personal and professional lives (Covid or otherwise) is being comfortable with uncertainty, "comfortable" maybe too strong but at least accepting of uncertainty is key.

Why? Because it it frees up our mental and emotional faculties on navigating the challenging circumstances we are going through right now, rather than fretting about what may or may not happen in the future.

However no matter how challenging or wonderful the circumstances we are going through the most important thing we can remember is, "This too shall pass!"

Tom Hanks sums this up well in this short video.

Be Well and stay safe.



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