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Ready, Fire! Aim.

May's Newsletter at a glance; You may have seen the blog on LinkedIn but not the amazing experiences I am planning for you!

Blog - Ready, Fire! Aim.

Inner Guru retreat - Thailand retreat 2024.

The ESC Programme - Your path for living purposefully

Sweat Lodge - Register your interest in the online community.

Ready, Fire, Aim - When acts aren't so random.

Do you miss out on business opportunities because you don't act?

Is analysis paralysis preventing you from starting your projects?

If so, you're not alone, and procrastination is a productivity killer. There may be something wrong with the way you are doing things, not with what you are doing.

Last week, I attended a Generative Consulting course hosted by the NLP School, facilitated by Robert Dilts and Robbie Steinhouse. To explain to a kid's baseball team he was coaching, Robert used the analogy 'ready, fire, aim'. In baseball, he was emphasising that if you wait to take aim before swinging, the ball will already have passed you.

In today's fast-paced world, as Solopreneurs, side-hustlers, founders etc. we often get caught up in the pursuit of perfection or deep into research and other activities, without taking action. We want everything to be just right (in effect taking aim) before we take any actions.

However, this approach can be counterproductive and hinder our progress. Instead, often it's important to take action (swinging for the ball) and learn from the results, making necessary adjustments, rather than trying to make things perfect.


Get clear on your vision and your why, so you know “where” you are going and “why” you are embarking on the journey of the business you’re creating. This is important because when things become challenging (and they will) you need to remember these to stay the course.

Do the research of your chosen industry, see where the opportunities lie and where you can add-value. Know how you want to serve your clients and ensure that is reflected in your price point. Up-skill yourself so you have the necessary capabilities to deliver excellent results for your clients. Create the plan for the next 6-12 months so you can measure your success milestone.



After getting ready taking positive and intentional action as soon as we can is crucial for success. It's the first step towards achieving our goals and dreams. Without action, we're just dreaming and not making any progress. It's getting into the practice of taking action often i.e "swinging for the ball" that helps us to move forward, learn from our mistakes, and make progress towards our goals.

3.Taking aim

Learning from results is equally important. When we take action, we're bound to make mistakes. However, these mistakes are valuable learning opportunities, for which we can make the necessary adjustments before the next steps. By analysing the results of our actions, we can identify what worked and what didn't. This helps us to refine our approach and make better decisions in the future.

All the stages are important but the sequence of the stages need to ensure momentum and productivity for our business or projects. It’s useful to recognise if you have any patterns of perfectionism or procrastination at either the “ready” or “aim” stages.

If you are a side-hustler, your side hustle is helping you to prepare for being a Solopreneur and the mistakes you are making now are more forgiving while you’re earning a wage. So make sure you take advantage of this time and prepare as much as you can.

For Founders, Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs, practice is over and we’re living the life cycle of action-adjust-action. It’s important for us not to get stuck in the perfectionism trap as this can be costly to our business and mental wellbeing. It's easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s vital for our business to be in the momentum mindset.

Perfectionism is a mindset that tends to lead to procrastination and inaction. Sometimes breaking out of the cycle is easier said than done because often it’s a cover for feelings of inadequacy or looking bad in the eyes of others.

If you feel like you are stuck in perfectionism, inaction or just lost about starting a side hustle or getting your business to the next level, then send me an email.


The Inner Guru 2024- Retreat

I'm happy to announce that I have found a new venue for the Inner Guru retreat in Autumn 2024. You'll get updates via this news letter but if you'd like to learn more, let me know by sending a message with "Inner guru" as the subject for advanced notice of dates, costs and if you have any questions.


The ESC Programme 2023- dates tbc

Not everyone is cut out to be a Solopreneur but if you are frustrated, unfulfilled or disillusioned with the 9-5 life then maybe it's time to craft an alternative life for yourself. The feeling of being trapped on the hamster wheel and not really going anywhere is causing more people to burnout.

This is an interactive group programme that develops Self-leadership skills and accelerates you to become a purpose driven Solopreneur.

Learn how to ignite your inspiration, cultivate your growth mindset, build your inner resilience for when things get difficult and support ourselves with the right systems and processes to set you up for success.

The ESC programme is a process of Self-Mastery, where you and your business intersect; be inspired to show up with personal excellence as the best version of yourself.

For details send me a message with "ESC"


Sweat Lodge July 23rd 2023

For those of you that couldn't make the Release retreat, but felt called for the opportunity to experience the transformational purification process of the sweat lodge.

A sweat lodge is a traditional ceremony practised by many Indigenous cultures around the world. The purpose of a sweat lodge can vary depending on the specific culture and context; generally, it is considered to be a form of spiritual and physical purification.​

Some potential benefits of the Sweat Lodge include:

  • Physical detoxification: The heat and sweating involved in a sweat lodge ceremony can help to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.

  • Relaxation and stress reduction: The intense heat and spiritual focus of a sweat lodge ceremony can help participants to relax and reduce stress.

  • Increased spiritual awareness: Many people report feeling a stronger sense of connection to the spiritual realm and to the natural world after participating in a sweat lodge ceremony.

To get more details send me a message with "Sweat" Places are limited so please let me know ASAP if you feel called to join us.


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