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Rich people are always saying...

"Rich people are always saying that being rich doesn't make you happy. O.K. I get that but I want to find out for myself."- Unknown

There are various ways we can get money, we can inherit it, win it, earn it, borrow it. and I'm always interested in what people want to do with the money. When working with clients who focus on money "I want to earn £xxxxx per year" I invite them to explore what's behind the money, how will they spend it. Often the answers to this question has little detail and are generally not well thought out.

"The reason I've been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money." - Oprah

I recently saw this quote from Oprah and thought how interesting... that one of the most financially successful people on the planet has never focused on money.

Whilst I found it interesting it was not surprising to me, because in my own life (although not as finically fortunate as Oprah) I found out the following.

(Somethings I learned about my relationship with money from doing sales )

1. Hitting or exceeding my target happened most often when I had something specific I was working toward in my personal life (not just thinking about the money) 2. Whenever I was focusing on solving clients problems and providing solutions was when I was at most successful sales person(not focusing on hitting my targets or commission I could earn). 4. I never got fulfillment from making money (although I did appreciate what it did for me).

In fact I realise whenever I was focused on the "money" it was usually in the context of concern or worry. Not having enough, not being able to afford to, bills to pay etc.

While I really love the sentiment of Oprah's quote it's just that "a quote" and not the full picture and not given a "real' context. I think it is highlighting her motivation doesn't come from money but that doesn't mean she did not make considerations for money or employ others to do it on her behalf.

However what I have observed with family, friends, clients and in my own life is the people who are focused on their "purpose" generally feel fulfilled with what they are doing (the Journey) . People who primarily focus on the'Successes" (the destination) is really a mixed bag, meaning they can achieve the desired successes and still be unfulfilled and not necessarily enjoy the the journey either.

Clarification "Purpose" the meaningful things we do that are connected to core values (and generally are for the greater good) "Success" the accomplishment of one's goals usually in the attainment of honors, position, wealth, etc.

Of course the two are not mutual exclusive, this is not scientific research and is a simplification of some quite sophisticated processes that are going on for us. it however provides a guide to be aware that when we balance the two by doing meaningful work and have successful outcomes for ourselves and others that we can be enriched in our inner and outer experiences.

Not sure what your purpose or passion is?

As a friend Karl Walkinshaw recently posted in FB "Don't waste your time trying to "find" your purpose. Instead CREATE it and if it doesn't work - create another one."

Are you choosing to focus on something meaningful today?

Be Well, Be Great, Be Inspired

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