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Wise Words - Mind Mastery

"Spirituality is the science of mastering the mind." Amma

This quote jumped out at me when I went to see Amma on her U.K. stop during her global tour. For me it was very profound as the statement deeply resonates with me and brings together two disciplines that western society often hold as separate.

On one hand people often refer to 'Spirituality' as warm and "fluffy" and on the other hand 'Science' is seen as the clinical and cold harsh reality of facts. So it seems strange (at least to me) that while some people shun spirituality they will also quite happily enjoy yoga, meditation, acupuncture, martial arts and other practices that have been born from a spiritual foundation. Is this because they have proven benefits accepted by western cultures?

For me there is real magic that happens when these two disciplines are bought together, the understanding of how the proven techniques work and the practical application of that knowledge. I have used meditation, yoga, NLP, Tai chi and Hypnotherapy among other things to master the mind and recently came across a couple of resources I'd like to share

The first is a book called the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. This is a very practical book that doesn't come across as spiritual in any way other than it's a great tool in mind mastery. The second is a YouTube clip by David Foster Wallace (which I read about in the book above) and helps to understand the importance of working on this mastery in a poignant and humorous way.

Mind mastery can be a full-tine job and with the right tools it can make life much easier I hope you get to enjoy one or both 😉

Be Well, Be Great, Be Inspired.


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