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The Power of Creating Your Own Purpose: Why You Should Stop Searching and Start Crafting

In this December Vlog... If you’re out there looking for this perfect purpose that will fit you’re life like a glove… think again!

Your Purpose isn’t something that’s found…

Your Purpose is something you create.

Why? Because it’s unique to you. It’s your fingerprint impressions on life and impact you have on others. Someone else can't create it for you sitting there waiting for you to find it!

It’s being a pioneer, discovering those things that you love and energise you forging your own way and experiences in life to build the capabilities.

That’s not easy! It’s hard, challenging and not for the feint-hearted.

That’s why so many people don’t want to “live on Purpose.” They want the easy and comfortable life.

So stop looking and start creating.

If your struggling to create your purpose let’s talk.

Inner Guru retreat - Thailand retreat 2024.


The Inner Guru Autumn 2024- Retreat

I'm happy to announce that I have found a new venue for the Inner Guru retreat in Autumn 2024 (dates tbc).

What's included

  • Yoga - Mental and Physical re-balancing - re-connecting our body and mind as a complete system

  • Meditation - generating deep relaxation and inner Peace - a natural way for stress management

  • Fasting - resting your internal organs allowing them to repair and be rejuvenated

  • Cleansing Detox - cleansing your body of waste, parasites and toxins supporting the re-generation of new Healthy cells

Prices from £1,250

Price includes Accommodation, Transfers in Thailand, 3.5 Cleansing Detox, Detox, drinks, supplements, Exercises (Yoga, meditation, etc), coaching in workshops.

Flights not included in price.

Additional Extras (not included in the price)

Massages, meals, therapeutic and beauty treatments; one-to-one coaching sessions,

If you'd like to learn more, let me know by sending a message with "Inner guru" as the subject for advanced notice of dates, costs and if you have any questions.



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