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TrUth and TrUst

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Hey Everyone,

Recently I have been pondering the balance of Trust and Truth after a few challenges recently called into question my trust in people and the truth of situations.

The details aren't important but rather the reflection of what trust looks like and how we know the truth.

Radical Self Honesty

For approximately the last 12 months I have been practising what I call Radical Self Honesty. I adapted from radical honesty, which is when you make a commitment never to lie (not even little lies) to anyone about anything.

In my experience of working in 1-2-1's with clients, most people lie to themselves first, often without realising it until challenged. Ask someone how much they drink, smoke or eat unhealthy snacks you'll probably hear a manipulated truth.

Therefore my focus is not lying to myself first and seeing what evolves with others from there. I have to say it's not been easy and I need to also practise self-compassion too.

So, the more I practice RSH the more I'm able to see others being untruthful to themselves and therefore to me and others and that brings up the question, "How can I trust you when you aren't honest with yourself?"

"He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted."

Lao Tzu

Recently I had a realisation that in the middle of the words trUth and trUst is the letter U! And it is for You to trust yourself first and be truthful to yourself first. It is this self-trust and RSH that gives others permission to trust themselves and be truthful to themselves.

Now I am trusting people more and more gradually and it is definitely changing so of my relationships with family and friends, not always easy but positively.

So I invite you to explore where you can be radically self-honest and also trust yourself more and happy to hear any feedback you may have.


Kaizen Club - The Mindset Dojo

Last Month we trialled the online group the Kaizen Club and have had really positive feedback. For more info or to get a free taster session (the next session is Monday at noon) click here

Be Well and stay safe.



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