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Recoding Your Values and Emotions: Your North Star for Living on Purpose

June's Newsletter. Make sure you read to the end and check out the amazing experiences I am planning for you!

Blog - Recoding your values and emotions.

Inner Guru retreat - Thailand retreat 2024.

Sweat Lodge - 23rd July 2023.

Recoding Your Values and Emotions: Your North Star for Living on Purpose.

In the vast digital landscape of today's world, coding has become an integral part of our lives. From powering our smartphones to driving complex systems, it shapes the way we interact, learn, and create. . Similarly, humans are complex systems too, our values and emotions play a crucial role in guiding us towards a purposeful existence. By viewing coding as a metaphor, we can explore how aligning our values and emotions can serve as an internal compass, acting as our "north star" to lead a fulfilling life. In this month’s newsletter, we will delve into the significance of integrating values and emotions into our journey of self-discovery and purpose.

The Harmony of Coding:

Coding is a blend of logic and creativity, requiring a balance between structured thinking and imaginative problem-solving. Similarly, a purposeful life necessitates harmony between our values and emotions. Our values provide the framework, offering a sense of direction and moral compass, while our emotions infuse life with passion, empathy, joy, etc. dymanically. This provides us with information in the moment to “check in”and see how our current circumstances are affecting u. By integrating these aspects, we create a symphony that guides us towards fulfilment.

Defining Your Values:

Just as programmers define variables and constants in their code, we must consciously identify and define our core values. Our values reflect our beliefs and principles, defining what we hold dear and shaping our actions. They serve as the foundation for decision-making and help us navigate life's challenges. Identifying and embracing our values allows us to live authentically and purposefully. While the expression of our values may change over time, i.e instead of meeting friends in a bar for a few drinks, we may meet them for a family lunch in the park, our core values tend to remain similar. The example of meeting with friends could be considered the value of “connection.”

Embracing Your Emotions:

It’s been quite recent that EQ (emotional intelligence) has been recognised an important factor in leadership. Emotions are the colourful threads that weave through our lives, influencing our thoughts, actions, and relationships. Just as coding languages have constructs to handle various data types, emotions are part of our human nature and deserve acknowledgement. Recognising, understanding, and embracing our emotions empower us to live authentically. By learning to navigate the complexity of our emotions, we can make choices that align with our values.

Debugging the Internal Landscape:

In coding, debugging is an essential process of identifying and fixing errors in a program. Similarly, in life, we encounter internal conflicts and inconsistencies that require debugging. When our emotions and values clash, it is crucial to examine the root cause, introspect, and reconcile the dissonance. This process of self-reflection and self-improvement allows us to live in harmony with ourselves and those around us. It’s not unusual to require the services of a coach, therapist or Human code-breaker to intervene to support the “debugging” conflicts with values, beliefs and emotions.

Balancing Rationality and Intuition:

Coding often requires a balance between rationality and intuition (at least while humans are still doing the coding). Similarly, a purposeful life involves harmonising our logical thinking and intuitive wisdom. Our values provide the rational framework, while our emotions and intuition offer insights and depth. By honouring both aspects, we can make decisions that align with our values while staying open to serendipitous opportunities that foster personal growth.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence:

Just as coding languages evolve and improve, we can cultivate emotional intelligence to enhance our understanding and management of emotions. Emotional intelligence enables us to empathise with others, navigate conflicts, and make thoughtful choices. By developing this skill set, we can create more meaningful connections and lead a purposeful life that positively impacts those around us.


Viewing coding as a metaphor for life, we recognise that integrating values and emotions is crucial for a purposeful existence. Just as a well-written program operates seamlessly, living in alignment with our values and emotions allows us to experience fulfilment and inner harmony. By understanding our values, embracing our emotions, and constantly striving for self-improvement, we can use our internal compass as our "north star" to guide us on a journey of purpose, authenticity, and meaningful connections.

Next Steps:

If you’re in a place of unfulfilment or feeling stuck and uninspired you may require some “debugging.” Then reach out to your friendly Human code-breaker for a free 30 min chat.

P.S. Listen to me featured on the "Future fuzz" Podcast cast with Justin Campbell


The Inner Guru 2024- Retreat

I'm happy to announce that I have found a new venue for the Inner Guru retreat in Autumn 2024. You'll get updates via this news letter but if you'd like to learn more, let me know by sending a message with "Inner guru" as the subject for advanced notice of dates, costs and if you have any questions.


Sweat Lodge July 23rd 2023

Calling Warriors & Dreamers to take part in a Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony on site at the amazing Breathing Space Centre in Norfolk.

Many native cultures over millennia have used the Sweat Lodge as a place of prayer and purification, a place in which they could be closer to spirit. It is also a test of courage, determination and will-power. It tests weaknesses and highlights strengths to support us on our journeys and can build bonds with those we share it with.

This process is a calling not to be taken lightly. It will see the awakening of strengths, questions and directions that may not have been clear beforehand. It will be a time of testing and of connection to 'all that is' and more importantly a safe space in which to release fears, limitations and doubts. If you are feeling the calling then book your place now in order to guarantee your seat in the Lodge.

There are limited places available due to the size of the lodge and although optional, it would be wiser for those interested to stay overnight at the Centre so as the learnings and teachings can be shared and savoured without the need to rush away.

  • Sweat Lodge ceremony (including a shared stew afterwards = £130

  • Pricing for shared twin room at Breathing Space and breakfast from = £60 per person (spaces are limited.) This invitation is open until June 19th and will be closed once we have the required number.

To get more details send me a message with "Sweat" Places are limited so please let me know ASAP if you feel called to join us.


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